We work to rebuild and uplift the communities of Haiti suffering from both systemic poverty and the fallout of natural disasters.


Haiti is widely known as a hapless half-an-island in the Caribbean sea, blighted by poverty and pummeled by natural disasters. We first arrived in Haiti in response to the infamous 2010 earthquake, and we've been here ever since.



We're rebuilding the thousands upon thousands of homes, schools, churches, orphanages, and businesses that were decimated by Haiti's 2010 earthquake.


Haiti is the poorest nation in the Americas, with nearly half the population suffering undernourishment every day. We work to ensure that Haitians, and especially the children of Haiti, receive the nutrition they need to survive, recover, and thrive.



Basic medical care is unavailable to most Haitians. We strive to improve Haitian health by subsidizing emergency treatment and holding regular medical clinics.


The children of Haiti are especially vulnerable to starvation, poverty, abuse, neglect, and even human trafficking. We partner with and support several Haitian schools and orphanages in order to protect and nurture the future citizens of Haiti.