The Lord has richly blessed us with partnerships, both in the United States and on the ground in Haiti. It has been our joy and honor to work alongside our brothers and sisters in Christ:

Partners Who Care - USA

Unemployment Management Services, Inc.

Partners Who Care - Haiti

Mission Rescate – Palace Temporary Hospital

Haiti National School of Nursing

Petits Anges de Chantal Orphanage

Delmas 19 Orphanage

Fondation Renmen Orphanage and School

Village of Belo - Fond des Negres

Pastor Magnus Delva, Church & Orphanage

Tomas School

Maison des Enfants de Dieu

Cloud of Fire Orphanage (COF)

Jesus in Haiti Ministries

Mission Haiti Helping Kids

The Good Samaritan Project

Plus more than 50 other organizations and orphanages.

Friends Who Care: Past & Present

There are so many people in the US and in Haiti that have lent their efforts and generous support to our ministry. We are proud and grateful to acknowledge their contributions:

T.J. McGinty

Geofry Handel





Jason Krul

Eddy Remy

Pastor Pe

Pastor Odera

Pastor Enoch


Jaclyn S. Parrish

Martine Longchamp

Maria France

Chantal Harycourt

Assel (MSC+)

Tom Taylor

Vernon Proctor

Bob & Jam Hollingsworth

Marla Bearden

Bobby Curley

Edsel D.

Patrick & Annile

Comm. Barneilus

Nick Petelski

Mike Wooddell

Inspector Duvert

Bob & Gretchen Devoe

Dr. Hugh Wilson

Charly Rickerson

Dr. Allen

John Claude

Kim Harmon

Will White

Eric Lutz

Harry Hames, DO

Mona Adam

Reynald Bonnefil

Abbe & Laura, H.H.

Gerald Davis

William Byrd

Lacy Lytle

Pastor Bob, OBW

Monsieur & Madame Fritz

Didi W.


Phil Davenport

Mark Murphy