We Care Haiti is a faith-based, Christian nonprofit organization dedicated to the recovery of the people of Haiti from the 2010 earthquake and to the ongoing development of their communities.


How it Began

James Cundiff, a McKinney businessman and volunteer with Texas Baptist Men, was among the first responders to the Haitian earthquake in January 2010. When their team arrived on the ground, it became clear that the victims of the earthquake, most of them already undernourished and impoverished, would not long survive the recovery process if someone did not provide them food and water, immediately.

“We began to pray that God would provide food,” recalled Cundiff, “And God was faithful. At first it was a few meals, then a few hundred meals, then thousands, then tens of thousands of meals. I realized then that God had a much bigger plan here than I did.”

We Care Haiti was founded the next day.

People stay alive because God lets us feed them, and I cannot live with myself if we don’t do this.
— James Cundiff, Founder of We Care Haiti

What's Happening Now

We Care Haiti remains living and active, providing not only physical nourishment to the hungry of Haiti, but also sharing the Bread of Life through Vacation Bible Schools and relational evangelism. Cundiff and his organization are especially burdened for Haiti’s children, many of whom struggle to grow up without parents, malnourished and stalked by disease. Over 60 organizations, most of them orphanages, receive clean water, superior nutrition, and regular healthcare from We Care Haiti. Several construction projects are underway in the mountain community of Fond de Negres, building homes for the widows and children left unsheltered, and periodic medical mission trips move throughout the island, attending to the needs of the sick, crippled, and undernourished.